Year 6 children regularly go to the Foundation Unit where they Drop Everything and Read together!

How your children are taught to read


In line with current government policy, children are taught their sounds. Children in Key Stage 1 and Foundation have a daily Phonics’ session as part of a smaller group. We use materials from Little Wandle. There are some great websites to supplement your child’s learning in school. Try Phonics Play or the trusted BBC Bitesize. Watch this YouTube video to help you learn your synthetic phonic sounds too, so you can support your child.

Guided Reading

We expect all the children to read at least once a week with an adult in school, either individually or as part of a group. We have a vast array of Guided Reading books from various publishers. They are all Book Banded with a coloured sticker, so please ignore the “stage” that might be indicated on the book. For example, Oxford Reading Tree Stage 6 Robins books are much harder than Oxford Reading Tree Stage 7 Owls!

We have invested a lot of money in real books, but have ensured they all have a Book Banded sticker, so that your child’s Guided Reading book is challenging them and encouraging good progress in reading.

These books are NOT sent home, but a note will be recorded in your child’s Home/School diary to say they have read with an adult.

Take Home Books

Our school has a large selection of Book Banded books that are sent home. Please ensure you write in your child’s Home/School diary to let the class teacher know that you have been reading with your child at home. Then, the book will be changed.

Please note that the Book Band your child is on for home reading books will be one band lower than their Guided Reading book.

Our Library

We have a fantastic library, run by two very capable and enthusiastic volunteers, Mrs Dillon and Mrs Hopkinson. We use the electronic system Micro-Librarian to issue and return books. The books are grouped by reading age and interest, loosely based on the Book Banding system. Children have a library day, when they can change their books. They are encouraged to complete a book review, known as a Reading Challenge. When five have been completed, they receive a certificate in Friday’s Celebration Assembly.

You may read the library book to your child or with your child. Simply enjoy the book!


Reading Recovery

Not everyone finds learning to read easy. Your child may be working on Nessy or Rapid Read to help develop their skills. We also have Five Minute Box. These are fantastic, fun and effective ways to help children reach the expected standard for their age.

Just Read!

Read to younger children or tell them your favourite stories every night in their own language. Allow older children reading time before they turn off their lights. Fill your house with reading; books, magazines, comics, leaflets, the backs of cereal boxes and recipe cards! Good readers have a good example of how to be a reader. (That’s you, by the way!)