It is the Parent/Carers responsibility to inform school on each day of a students absence to explain the reasons why they are unable to attend school.  This should be done by telephone on 01623 489010 before 9:30am leaving a clear message of the child's name and reason for absence.  If your child is off school for 5 or more consecutive days you will be asked to provide medical evidence e.g. appointment card, prescription etc.

Attendance Traffic Light

The school follows the traffic light system and letters are sent out each term.

Below 90%


Attendance is classed as persistent absentee and will be monitored closely

90.1 – 95.9%


More than average time off school, need to improve

96 – 100%


Good attendance


In the event of a child’s illness whilst at school, the home will be contacted and arrangements made for the child to be collected from school. For that reason, parents and guardians should make sure that current emergency phone numbers are kept up to date with the school office. Children requiring immediate hospital treatment will be accompanied by an adult from the school, and arrangements will be made with the parents to join the child at the hospital.

The school does not normally give prescribed medicines to children unless it has to be taken more than 3 times a day or there are special circumstances that would mean children would be absent from school for lengthy periods. However, if your child is undertaking a course of medicine, please ask the doctor if it is possible to prescribe a dosage to be taken before and after school. If this is not feasible, then please see the school office and arrangements can be made for the administration of the medicine.
Parents will be asked to sign the appropriate documentation and provide such medicines in a clearly labelled container with the appropriate information i.e. Christian and surname of child, dosage and time to be taken. If your child is undergoing a course of treatment that could affect his/her performance at school, it is most helpful if we know about it.
As of 1 September all schools are expected to have clear guidelines for dealing with pupils medical needs and handling medication, A key message is that a child’s medical condition should not prevent them from learning.
Children with asthma, should carry their inhaler with them at all times.

Parents sometimes assume that if an accident occurs in school, the Governors or the Academy Trust can be held to be responsible and that compensation will be made. This is not the case. Liability is strictly limited to cases where negligence has been proven and this happens rarely. In order to provide all parents with an opportunity to take out personal accident cover for their children, an optional scheme has been made available as Nottinghamshire Local Authority does not arrange personal accident insurance for children attending school. Parents wishing to insure their children will have to make their own arrangements.

The whole school attendance target is 96% this is what your child should be or above. Anything below 90% is a persistent absentee and will lead to further investigation.

As you know, the law around applications for authorised absences has changed from September 1st 2013. The amendments to the 2006 regulations specifically state that Head Teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The Regulations remove references to authorised absences for family holidays, along with the removal of the ten day threshold. Parents are advised that applications for leave of absence due to parental annual leave patterns in their employment are not considered to be “exceptional circumstances”.
The Governors are supporting the Head Teacher in implementing the Regulations. If you do decide to apply for leave of absence and it is not deemed to be exceptional, it will not be approved. If you then decide to take the period of absence which has not been approved, it will be classed as an unauthorised absence and I will speak to you. Any absence will be deemed unauthorised unless the school tell you it is authorised.

Ofsted's say about attendance at St Philip Neri with St. Bede Catholic Voluntary Academy

September 2017

The actions taken by the attendance officer have led to considerable improvements in attendance.  The proportion of pupils who are persistently absent has reduced.  Attendance rates are now very close to the national averages.

October 2012

Poor attendance not only impacts upon your child’s educational achievement, it also affects the education of other children.  The school and Governing Body are committed to improving the standard of education we deliver and we want to build on our Good OFSTED rating.  This is difficult to do if children do not regularly attend school.  OFSTED October 2012 said: “ Despite some improvements, attendance is only average because some families take extended holidays abroad during term time”.  If children are going to achieve their full potential they need to be in school. 

Absence Form