Congratulations to Miss Astbury’s class for having the highest attendance for the whole Advent Term. Y3HA’s average attendance from September to December is an impressive 97.9%. Very well done, everyone! To celebrate, Mr. Steele presented the class with their Termly Attendance Winners’ Certificate.

Class Results for the Advent Term ending Friday 10th December 2021:

1st Place – 97.9% Year 3 Miss Astbury

2nd Place – 97.7% Year 5 Miss Canning

3rd Place – 97.6% Year 4 Miss Hurcum

Remember, the class with the highest attendance each week will get a class certificate; the class with the most certificates at the end of the year will get a whole class reward, so keep them safe!

Also at the end of each term, the class with the highest attendance will receive a treat. This term Miss Astbury’s Year 3 class won a fun afternoon to be filled with activities of their choice and 3 dojo points for every child in the class!