School Transport and Parking

Please find below details of times and routes of our dedicated bus services.

N213 Gateford

N215 Bilsthorpe

N217 Kirkby Cross

N219 Annesley

N224 Ravenshead



At start and finish times, Rosemary Street and the nearby roads become very congested with parked cars. Due to the congestion, parents should consider sharing transport. Car parking is offered in the adjacent Tesco development with supervised access to the school being made available at the start and end of the school day via the gate at the end of the school field.  Please park in allocated bays and not in front of the gate and recycling bins. 

The front of school accommodates the school buses and staff parking.  Unless there is an emergency, the car park is NOT available for use by parents. In the interest of your child’s safety, the Governors urge you NOT to park in the car park and use the designated pavements for pedestrian access. The car park is restricted to staff cars, school buses and authorised vehicles only. Please ensure that your child remains close to you as you make your way back to your vehicle and do not walk through the car park, use the pedestrian pavements.