School Day


Staff are in class from 8.45 am and the children are expected to arrive between 8.45 am and 8.55 am. The Family Club is available before and after school and also school holidays.


Foundation Stage (FS1 & FS2)

Key Stage 1 (Y1&Y2)

Key Stage 2 (Y3-Y6)

8.55     Reception children start

8:45     Nursery children start

11:45   Morning nursery children collected.

11.45   Reception(FS2) children Lunchtime.     

12.30   Afternoon nursery starts

1.00     Afternoon reception resumes.

3.30     End of school day

8.55  School starts

10.25  Play time

10.40  School  resumes

12.00  Y1 Lunch time

12.15  Y2 Lunch time

1.15   Afternoon school starts

2.15-2.30  Afternoon Break

3.30  End of school day

08.55  School starts

10.30  Play time

10.45  School resumes

12.05  Lunch time for Y3 and Y4

12.15  Lunch time for Y5 and Y6

1.05    Afternoon school starts Y3 and Y4

1.15    Afternoon school starts Y5 and Y6

2.15-2.30 LKS2 (Yr3-4)  Afternoon Break

2.30-2.45   UKS2 (Yr5-6) 

3.30    End of school day